Organic Yard Fertilization

Make Your Yard Look Lush and Beautiful

Hillbilly Haulers gives your grass a boost

Does your grass need a little help to reach its full, lush potential? You’ve come to the right place. Hillbilly Haulers will fertilize your yard with eco-friendly fertilizers in the spring or early summer to help it grow. Fertilizing your lawn:

  • Helps your lawn recover from pest and foot traffic damage
  • Replaces nutrients lost to frequent mowing
  • Helps new grass blades grow bright and green

Let Hillbilly Haulers fertilize your lawn this year. Call 509-945-2540 to schedule your service.

Why should you choose organic fertilizers?

There are so many fertilizer options to choose from. At Hillbilly Haulers, we use completely organic products. Here are a few reasons why you should use organic fertilizers:

Non-organic fertilizers contain dangerous chemicals. Unlike some chemical fertilizers, our solution contains zero mercury, lead, cadmium, cobalt or molybdenum.
Organic fertilizers contain more nutrients. Our fertilizers have amino acids and beneficial microorganisms.
You know exactly what’s in your organic fertilizer. Our dry cod protein hydroslate fertilizer is made from an all-natural product – cod fish.

Choose the natural way when you trust Hillbilly Haulers with your fertilizer needs.

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